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McAusland Music is run by Alison, a qualified teacher with a First Class BA (HONS) degree from the University of Durham and QTS & PGCE from the University of Cambridge. Alison has seven years' experience of teaching in the classroom (ages 11-18) and worked at UPS1 as a subject leader. Alison has taught music privately to children from age 4 upwards.

Alison works from her base in Tamworth, and can come to schools in Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and across Staffordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Alison's prices are based on the minimum recommendations of the Musicians' Union for teachers.

The core services offered by Alison are shown below, although McAusland Music is able to adapt to the needs of your school. To talk about a suitable package for your school, please get in touch.

Appropriate safeguarding and teaching qualifications

Alison has a current Enhanced DBS and is trained in Safeguarding to Level 1 (refreshed February 2019). In addition to these standard requirements, Alison also has the Delivering Early Help in Staffordshire V3 and Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect V10 qualifications.  She has the Level 2 Child Protection in Education (Music) certificate from Educare.

McAusland Music has public liability insurance for 'performing, rehearsing or auditioning, either solo or part of a group, band or orchestra and/or whilst teaching or including the setting up and dismantling of equipment, operating sound or lighting equipment at ground level worldwide'.

Alison has the ABRSM Becoming a Better Music Teacher qualificationThis qualification from the major music examination board demonstrates that Alison has shown the skills and characteristics to be an effective, inspiring music teacher.

One-to-one and small groups

Alison is available to work in schools with students one-to-one or groups of up to 3, in a classroom or practice room setting, on saxophone or clarinet - or on Nuvo jSax or Clarinéo for beginners.


This service would be similar to the tuition offered at home, and Alison would tailor the provision to the needs of the individual students. Some students may be working towards exams, and she would be able to offer training for the aural tests as well as the performance aspects of the exams.

Length of lessons would be fitted to the age and stage of students and the needs of the school.

Depending on the circumstances,  support is available in accessing musical instruments (Nuvo Clarinéo or jSax) for students without their own.

  • Students could borrow the instrument just for their lessons from my stock of rental instruments, which would be cleaned and maintained by Alison.

  • Students could hire an instrument from Alison, who would administer the rental agreement with parents.

Pricing for one-to-one and small group teaching:

£17 for 30 minutes, shared equally between students for groups.

Workshop sessions

McAusland Music has a range of workshops of different levels of demand for students to take part in, in a classroom setting.


These can be tailored to the time and needs of the students, and can be a part of a sequence of sessions or a one-off event. Alison is happy to discuss what you would like, and how it can fit into your school's curriculum.

An idea of the sort of thing offered are:

  • Inspiring access to music - Alison would present and demonstrate the families of saxophones and clarinets, and demonstrate the sounds and playing of the instruments. Students would be able to handle the instruments, and take part in an interactive session.

    • Suitable for a whole class of roughly 30 students of ages 6 and up.

    • Duration 1-2 hours

  • Beginners' ensemble playing - Alison would bring a selection of jSax and Clarinéo instruments, as well as saxophone and clarinet for demonstration. Students in the workshop would be able to try playing a range of simple tunes, working towards a 'concert' in a single day.​  The video below shows what can be done on the Nuvo instruments with students who have some previous musical knowledge.

    • Duration 2-3 hours.

    • Suitable for a group of up to 10 students of ​ages 6 and up, with little to no musical experience.

Pricing for workshops:

To be negotiated with schools, but generally in line with Musicians' Union rates, approximately £40 per hour plus travel costs.

Bands and ensembles

McAusland Music has a range of ensemble sheet music which can be used for saxophones, clarinets, big band or concert bands, and of varying levels of challenge.

Alison has many years' experience running bands in schools, and would be able to organise ensembles as extra-curricular groups at lunchtimes or after school. This would be a long-running group, contributing to the school's concerts and other performances.

Students would be expected to have some musical experience, and to own their instruments to be able to practise outside the ensemble sessions.

Pricing for band and ensemble rehearsals:

To be negotiated with schools, but generally in line with Musicians' Union rates, approximately £40 per hour plus travel costs. Concert (and pre-concert rehearsal) to be also in line with Musicians' Union rates, approximately £90.

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